*Top Seller*
Sea Salt soap acts as a gentle body polish and will generate mountains of soft lather. 

Sweet orange essential oil is uplifting and energizing and a natural source of vitamin C. 
Kaolin clay adds a gentle exfoliate and creamy lather.

Fomulated for faces and body.

4oz bar of soap.

Sweet Orange Salt Soap

  • Bar size 4oz
    Ingredients: Coconut oil, sea salt, lye, distilled water, castor oil, palm oil, sweet orange essential oil, kaolin clay, sugar.

    All my soap is made by cold process by a chemist, using no pre-made products, and aged for 2-4 weeks to make a gentle yet cleansing bar. When the soap arrives at your home it is ready to be used immediately and should be used within a few months. Keeping your soap dry between uses will make your bar last for a long time. Soap bar shape may vary. Product made in the USA. Sold as is.
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