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My Story & Philosophy


Hey there,


I’m Julie, a mother, and scientist that is passionate about making high quality, sustainable personal care products free of sulfates, dyes, parabens and fragrances. What started out as a project to address my family’s sensitive skin needs soon became a vehicle to help others. After sharing my creations with friends and family, I soon realized that there is a genuine demand for eco-friendly products that address the needs of those that have sensitive skin and/or allergies. With that in mind, I developed a line of products that meet those needs while also providing a luxurious and sensuous experience. While all of my products are designed to serve the needs of those with sensitive skin, my products are great for everyone.


As an environmental scientist, I feel a strong moral obligation to use sustainable practices, which include: using locally sourced materials, making products in small batches, utilizing low impact packaging, promoting local businesses, and mentoring young entrepreneurs and STEM students. My work focus is on environmental entrepreneurship and responsibility.

My doctoral studies are in environmental, soil and water chemistry, primarily on the study of Hass Avocado soil and water management. This body of knowledge guides my selection of the natural ingredients I use to make my extraordinary products.  My favorite materials to work with are specialty clays, activated charcoal, avocado oil and organic extracts. Using these, and many other special ingredients aimed at addressing skin issues, I have formulated recipes that are good to the environment in all steps of the process, from creation to their final use in your home.

It’s my hope to inspire you to choose handmade, environmentally safe products for your home. I trust you will find that the quality of my products is superior.  If you have never tried handmade soaps, you have no idea what you’re missing. If you are already a handcrafted skin care product aficionado, you will be impressed.


Thank you for visiting my shop and I hope you have an awesome day!

Julie Reints, PhD


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