Produced by AJ, owner of Milk and Vine Soap, who handcrafts high quality goat soap in small batches.


Cassiopeia, is a Kempe 4H goat who wins tons of titles and well-deserved love. She is a Nigerian dwarf goat, raised by AJ as a baby. AJ describes her as 'happy and funny' and she is part of the family.


If you ask AJ, she will say her biggest accomplishment is raising two wonderful boys as a single mom. She is a 14-year veteran in professionally fighting mixed martial arts, a two times Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Masters World Champion, collegiate wrestler, strength and conditioning coach and a mixed martial arts referee. Apart from being an awesome person, she is an avid animal lover.


Currently, we offer two of her goat soaps: The Fisherman Bar and Lavender Vanilla Oat Bar.


Lavender Vanilla Oat Bar

Oils of olive, coconut, canola, castor oil, hemp and sweet almond. Fresh goat milk, local beeswax, lavender and bergamot essential oils, blue mellow flower, black tea leaves, bourbon vanilla bean, ground organic oat (The gray soap pictured above).


The Fisherman Bar

Oils of olive, coconut, canola, hemp, sesame, castor. Fresh goat milk (cream top), local beeswax, cinnamon, clove, lemon and tea tree essential oils, ground organic oat (The gold colored soap pictured above).

Milk & Vine Goat Milk Soap

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