Choose from any four beer soaps on our "on tap" list of craft beers from Wicks Brewing Company or let us choose for you! 

Pictured (clockwise from top left): Autumn Spiced Ale Soap, Saison De LuLu Soap , Sterling Stout Soap and Battle Cry IPA Soap.

Beer boosts the lather and hops are great for your skin.

Craft Beer Soap Gift Set

  • Currently "On Tap" :

    1.) Battle Cry IPA soap, which is a favorite of many! This soap has a refreshing dose of bergamot and fir essential oils, which complement the beer very nicely!

    2.) Paladin Pale Ale soap, which is made with real hops, eucalyptus, rosemary and fir essential oils.

    3.) Autumn Spice Ale soap, which is a pumpkin spiced beer soap made with pumpkin pie spices and nourishing rice bran oil.

    4.) Sterling Stout with Mint Cocoa soap, which is made with real chocolate and peppermint essential oil this is a great bar to use in the morning to wake you up! The beer gives this bar a rich bubbly lather and the natural scent of the chocolate with a touch of mint is amazing.

    5.) Saison De LuLu, which is made with sea clay and lavender and cedar essential oils.

    6.) Farmer's Toil Ale Soap, which is made with clary sage, and orange essential oil and topped with citrus zest.
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